by Greg / Greg

Momma Kitty

Like a panther you would growl,
Like a heathen you would swat.
and yet those in your family loved you
no matter what.

I don’t know if it’s because you were mad,
or perhaps you were wacked.
Reguardless of the reason,
you’d always get smacked.

I couldn’t let you do it again.
One hundred chances was enough.
You pee’d on my floor,
I said “NO MORE!”

Now it is I who grieve,
so sad to pet you no more.
I constantly look for you in that chair,
or that special spot on the floor.

You are buried where you would get the most sunlight,
as I know you would be proud,
Now everytime I say my prayers,
I cry for you out loud.

May Jesus pet you everyday, and
not get angry when you swat at
him for petting your head.

And may you chirp at the angels
as you did at the birds
outside the windows.

God bless you, and forgive me…