by Heather / Heather Jordan Copyright 2007

You became our little son at just 6 weeks old
The runt, the tiny little black and white bundle
You were ours from the first moment we saw you
And you were ours.

You purred as we held you and filled out the papers
You were scared but seemed to recognize our care
Your trust for strangers came slowly
But you were always ours.

We nursed you through problems
We grieved for your friend
We hoped for many years with you
But too soon came our end.

I struggle with guilt, with anger and sorrow
I carry the weight of what “could have been” done
But the truth is that you had passed help and were suffering
And yesterday we had to decide – now you’re gone.

There is a pain in my heart
A hole in our home
But there’s one thing I know
That will never be gone:

I have so many memories
Eleven years of our lives
Your love and your life –
That way – will live on.