by Jack Palinsky / Dad

Today, 1/20/15, three hours from now my now very old black and white long haired kitty will go from being here to a memory. I’m writing this now before the tears start to flow and seeing becomes impossible. My reflection is the path from a neighborhood stray (abandoned) some 10 years ago. So very frightened, it took 13 months to touch his head while feeding him, and 18 months until he sat on my lap in the backyard. I provided food and shelter and he interacted with my other 7 cats, but would never come up to the house in daylight.

Then one joyous day when my wife and I came home and were unloading the car with the kitchen door propped open, he just walked in and has been with us from then on. A wonderful addition to our family loved to be petted, but that’s all. He never sat on my lap again, was always timid and shy, went and hid from any visitors and though he loved the outdoors he has rarely ventured out since last summer.

Now, as of last Friday, no longer able to control his bowels and barely eating at all, just sleeping most of the day, he looked at me this morning and his eyes said it’s time dad. My heart is breaking for although I have rescued many he is the only one I saved. Saved from the hunger and cold. My tears are falling now, but it’s a small price to pay, for I cannot let him suffer one more day. I will miss him more than anyone will ever know for he was truly special.


Jack Palinsky