by Jacqueline / Jacqueline Clark
11 years old

You never cried or whimpered,
Uou never showed any pain.
Your death in my heart,
had left a large blood stain.

You were always so loyal,
Always so true.
I miss you Lucky can’t you see,
I becoming blue without you.

Every day becomes harder,
Especially without you.
I grieved at your grave every single day.
You always seemed to tell me.
Don’t cry I’m still here not washed away.

So please don’t cry you make me sad.
I am there just like I always have,
And Lucky you are my bestest friend,
And here I am weeping once again.

Please don’t forget the poem,
that I wrote especially for you,
and don’t forget it until the very end,
Lucky I will always love you!