by Jacqueline Starr Sauls / Jacqueline Sauls to My Chucha 07/25/94 to 03/20/10

Mommy when my eyes grow dim, and I can hardly see and my tail doesn’t wag and there no strength left in me. Please let me go where I may rest; this I know will be the hardest test; for I know on that day you shall surely cry and you’ll feel as though you want to die, for this won’t be easy, this I know but to Love me is to let me go. You wouldn’t want me to suffer and die in pain this be the greatest gift you can give to me is to let me go and be at Peace.

Please do not be angry I leave this to you for out of your love for me this you must do. I will wait for you on the other side don’t look at this as Good Bye for I shall be there on the day you die waiting to comfort and see you through this I Promise you. But for now Mommy I must go please be strong and think of me, not with pain and sadness but remember the good times we had. God gave me 16 years with you, I stayed by your side till the end. I was always there when you needed a friend. I would lay quietly just to be near you. You were my life and I Love you so, but I am tired Mommy Please let me go. I will be waiting with my health restored on the day I hear you call I will come running to your side.

For now I go to play in the meadows and rest where all dogs go to wait for their loved ones to come. Remember it not easy for me either, Mommy. I love being with you going to work or no matter what we do I am just happy to be with you.But I grow old and tired and my body won’t let me go No more. SoI can’t come when you call and I can’t be at your side anymore. I know this will hurt and your ask God why? But just remember, Mommy, I’ve had a long life. Everyone gets old and their body wears out, so look at this as good for me to go home and rest and wait for you.

I will wait at the meadow where all dogs go until I hear you call me, Mommy. My health be restored and I will be strong and we will play and rest together you’ll see and eventually you know you did the right thing for me. Please be strong or it will hurt me so if you give up cause, I had to go. Please make me Proud as I wait for you, and let Rocky and the others comfort you for they will be grieving too. So Mommy I love you so. I will be waiting in the meadow. I Love You Your Daughter, Friend,Chucha


Jacqueline Starr Sauls