by James Cary / James Cary

Walker you came into my life when times were rough. You made me smile and laugh as soon as I saw your cute little face laying in my hands I knew then I had found my best friend, Our bond was stronger than any other and grew stronger everyday. I miss you, Walker, more everyday. I miss you waiting at the door for me. I catch my self everyday looking for you when I open the door. At times I swear I can hear your paws hitting the floor and running toward me. You were so smart; the day I spelled o.u.t and you instantly knew exactly what it meant. You barked and wrapped your body around my neck and running your cold nose across my face until I gave in and let you out. Oh how I miss that, Walker.

I miss you laying beside me watching TV or when I had a bad shift at work you always were the one that could comfort me. I would rush home just to get to snuggle up with you! You touched my heart in so many ways. Walker. It’s been almost a year since you left me and I still cry like it was yesterday. My heart still hurts. I wish I could just hold you and never let go. I save people’s liefs everyday at work but I couldn’t save yours. Oh god Walker why did you leave me. I know you’re in heaven with your beautiful set of wings and you’re not sick anymore. You always knew how to comfort me, make me smile and laugh again no matter how bad you felt.

Oh, Walker, I can’t wait until the day I get to enter those gates of heaven and see you waiting for me. Until then, Walker, I love you and
will always miss you so much!


James Cary