by Jamie Corbett / Jamie Corbett

I miss you so much, my heart hurts.
You were the special one I could tell all my secrets to.

I wish I could have one more day
with you just to say “love you” again and
to pet your ivory hair.

I miss the way your fur felt and
how your warm body used to snuggle up to me at night.

I long to see your sweet,
caring eyes again,
to hear the jingle of your tags around the house.

You were always there for me.
If I was sad, a wag of your tail would cheer me up.

I hope you know how much mommy loves you and
how thankful I am to of had you in my life.
I have been so blessed.

There will never be another you.
God sent me my one and only
but you are with Him now.
I have peace in knowing
I will see you again.


Jamie Corbett