by Jane Pomfret


Every Day a Blessings


"EveryDay A Blessing"


She has always been the loveof my life,

From the moment our eyesbecame fixed.

Of undying love and troubleand strife

And the mountain of dirtyold sticks.


Her puppy antics brought mesmiles galore

Mouth open with a cheekygrin.

She would run and slideacross the floor,

At the sound of biscuitsfrom her favourite tin.


We walked the shores wewalked the moors,

We walked all pasturesgreen,

People would stare fromhalf-shut doors,

We were always a formidableteam.


She's sixteen years hereyes are dim,

She's slow to greet menow,

But across that face spreadsthe same old grin

As I lift her lead for thewalk to town.


I feel so humble andhonored,

To have shared my life with"Ria"

I count every day as ablessing.

My companion my guardianmy Hero!



By: Jane Pomfret








Jane Pomfret