by Janet Fowler / written by: Janet Fowler

Jody’s Mom

My Little Jody,

What can Momma say,but how much your missed
and how lonely I am without that sweet face
looking at me..

I still reach for you at night,knowing your
not there.How many nights I’ve prayed for just
one more glimpse of you,just to feel your little
body lying next to me.I’ll never forget…

Today, you would be 18 yrs.old.
Happy Birthday Jody.

Your in God’s care now,I’m sure he is enjoying
every minute with you,as I did..
Remember your Momma loves you just as much
today as the first day I saw you…

You made such a difference in my life
nothing will ever make me feel that way
again, thank you for loving me so much.

Nothing will ever fill this emptiness inside
of me,but I cherish the fact that you never
have to suffer another day,and your eyes can
see again…

Enjoy your life now,and think of me from time
to time…Daddy misses you too,Sophie and Romeo
are growing up fast..but will never take your
place…Your in my heart,and no one can take
that from me..

With all my love, my heart and soul
I will love you forever and ever…
Jody, you were my pride and joy,you
little angel…never forget!

I never wanted memories
I only wanted you..
that says everything in my heart.
I won’t say good-bye ever,cause
we’re just apart for now,till I can
come home to you and Bridget.

I love you Jody, forever and ever and then
till the end of time.
To the Moon and back….



Janet Fowler