by Janis Bailey / unknown

I said good-bye to a good friend today
I watched her eyes as she quietly slipped away.
For many years she was faithful and true
Now her sudden passing has left me feeling blue.
Sweet Koti, you were always so sweet
It made my heart hurt when your heart ceased to beat.
But the love you gave me was worth the pain
And I know sometime soon I’ll feel better again.
I’ll remember the times when by my side you would lay
As if asking me never to leave, but to stay.
Those last moments I stayed with you I couldn’t abide
The thought of not being there with you, by your side.
And now that you’re gone, I will miss you I know
But peace filled your body when you finally let go.
So dear Koti, I’ll remember you how you once were
With eyes of color and soft black fur.
I didn’t have much time to spend lately, it’s true
But you’re in my heart always, I’ll forever love you and miss you dearly.


Janis Bailey