by Jen / Mummy

Cody, you came to us so small and wiggly, just a crazy bundle of puppy energy. Soon you grew up to be a cheeky little princess, full of life and always picking on your big sister, even though she was so much larger. You were either really brave or really foolish, or maybe you just knew how much she loved you, and knew she would be patient. I hope you knew how much we all loved you. I am so sorry we had to leave you in that kennel. We were moving house and you couldn’t drive with us, you always got so car sick, I though it would be better to fly you down later. Instead your broken little ticker gave out at just 8 months. At least Baya could be there with you, I was glad you didn’t pass alone. Did you know she fought the trainer when they tried to take you away? She still whimpers at night when you’re not there to cuddle up with. I still whimper sometimes too. I know in time the pain will pass, but your memory never will.


I love you, puky princess.