by JENNIFER NELSON / By Jennifer Nelson

Rusty was a very special. When he was a baby he came up to the house; he was a very wild kitten but things changed after that he came the most laziest cat anybody ever knew. He loved to hunt; he would bring his prey into the house and he would help Spot my other cat because Spot had a hard time finding his own food because he was caring. Rusty saved my life by trying to get the bottle out of my hand because I tried to comment suicide; if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be here today. He saved my life.

Rusty, you will always be in my heart; it was very hard to say good bye when I moved to Zumbrota May 25, 2005 and leaving you there was the hardest thing I had to do saying good bye to you. I feel guilty that I left you there but the place I moved to didn’t allowed pets, but I was very very sad when you got hit by a car or tractor in August 2005. I know it was hard on Robbert and Sherrie when they both saw you on the road that day. They both walked back to the house very sad and I know you wouldn’t want them to be sad.

Rusty you are here with me. We will meet one day again; you just went home with the lord your father and now you meet up with Simon your bother, Cloudy the Guinea pig and Emily; they will be right at your side. I just to say how much I’ve missed you and I love you. I wish I could hold you in my lap again; someday I will. I know you are waiting for me at the gates of heaven for me. We will meet up again. I love you but you will always be my hero.

Love you always,