by Jennifer Wentland

I will never forget seeing your picture
in the newspaper.
“Pet of the Week”
it said and there was your face,
the perfect cattitude.
I got you the next day and
for 12 years you were my best friend,
always there to greet me
at the door and snuggle
up to me at night.

I will never forget your sweet little meow,
your gentle disposition, and
your compassion.
Whenever I was feeling bad,
you were right there letting me
know you cared,
that cold wet nose rubbing against me.
I wouldn’t trade those memories
for the world.

You became sick suddenly,
and within hours you were gone from us.
I hope you knew that
you were the best little girl
in the world and
I thank god for your time allowed with us.

I will cherish your memories always
and will be grateful
that as you passed on,
you were looking into my eyes
hearing me say that I loved you.

Thank you for being the best and
for making me a better person.
I will try to live as you did,
with grace, dignity and compassion.

I love you always,



Jennifer Wentland