by Jessie / Jessie R. Copyright 2009

Shadow, you were my very first cat. I miss your velvet like fur, it’s hard to wake up everyday and not hear your rattling purr. Your beautiful yellow eyes glowed during the night and shined during the day, something that you showed in every way. I miss your company and you begging me to give you food all the time. I miss your shaky tail that was always straight up in the air when I petted you. Oh Shadow I know you were a stressed kitty cat, but now you’re in heaven, happy and free, nothing can stop you now baby girl. I know you’re loving life right now and I don’t blame you I would be too, you have nothing to worry about, Shadow. You’re safe up there now. I promise you, baby, I will see you in heaven someday. That is my promise to you. I love you Shadow, I love you so much, rest in peace baby I miss you. xoxoxo