by Jill Crandley / Jill Crandley

When I got home you were there to greet me.
When I was sad you made me smile.
When I was lonely you kept me company.
When I needed protection you were my guardian.
When I was uneasy you brought me comfort.
When I needed to walk you were my escort.
When I was angry you gave me peace.
When I was bored you entertained me.
When there was a bug you were my exterminator.
When there was a spill you were my vacuum.
When I needed to vent you were my confidante.
When I needed nothing you were by my side.

Your love still dwells within me,
Of this you can be sure.
I gave you food and shelter,
you gave me so much more.

I’ll see you in Heaven when my time has come.
You’ll be there once again to lead me home.


Jill Crandley