by Jim / Duncan “Beagleman” Copyright 2007

Farewell My Friend

Oh my friend, don’t fear my death because I don’t. My body is only a vessel, let my soul live forever in your heart without sadness or regret.

Don’t mourn me, rather celebrate our time together. Think of the long walks, dog parks, play time at the beach and awakening to me lying next to you, as I slipped into the bed without you knowing it.

Wish I could nuzzle up against you on the couch, my head resting on your lap and comfort you during this difficult time. You know I always had unconditional love for you and I just want you to know that I always felt your abundance of love for me, even when I chewed your new shoes or sunglasses.

Thank you for my most prized possession my comfy bed and warm blankets. Especially thank you for sleeping next to me, caring and comforting me right after my knee surgery. For without your tender care I don’t think
I could have made it.

Fear not my friend for I will always remember and love you too. I had a great life and will always be near to comfort your broken heart. For now, think of me by your side when you are cooking one of my favorite foods, pass the dog park or near the rock beach. Smile when you look up into the sky or hear a fellow dog bark. Think of me licking away your tears as you hold me.

We will meet again, when it is your time. Just know I will be at the gate wagging my tail waiting for you, howling for St. Peter to let you in.

Forever your loyal dog,

Duncan “Beagleman”