by Jim Foulk / James W. Foulk

The land just outside of heaven,
the bible doesn’t mention it, but
it’s there just the same.

I saw a vision of it, the day
my dog Murphy died, as I held
his gentle paw after he had passed on.

I saw a green field, where he was
running so free and yet so
young again.

Playing with all the other dogs
that were there, seemed they were
all so happy and no pain did I see.

Then Murphy stopped and looked
at me, as if to say, see Jim
it’s ok, don’t worry, I’m fine.

My pain is gone, I’m young again,
just the way I was when I became
your dog, so many years ago.

Then I saw my dog Shep and Brandon
and all of my other dogs I ever had,
in the land just outside of heaven.

Now for all people out there,
feel at ease, for your beloved pets
are there and so at peace.

I will see my beloved Murphy again,
after I have been in heaven a while,
God will let me go over,

To the land just outside of heaven
where I will throw my arms around
him and be so happy again,

Then all of my dogs will gather
around me to tell me things I
never knew before.

So Murphy some day I will
come and see you once again,
to the land just outside of heaven.


Jim Foulk