by JIM, GRACE, LISA MCGREGOR / Jim, Grace and Lisa McGregor

This is a tribute to all our beloved pets who have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. All the dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, hamsters, rats, mice and birds. Each and everyone of you were so special and dearly loved, some we had since puppies, kittens and foals, others came when older and a few came to us when they only had a short time left. Some of them abandoned and dumped on the freeway, some just unwanted and we took them in to our homes and lives and loved then so much and they gave all they could and more in return – they asked so little but gave so much.

We will never forget all of them and loved them so much. Chase butterflies, climb trees, chase balls and frisbees, gallop freely with the wind in your mane and tail, play safely – to all our special fur children.

We will meet again


All our love