by Joanne M Folsom / Joanne M Folsom copyright June 2004

Jesse James was an outlaw,he lived free but alone Until one day in May of 1988 he came home with me. He was such a comfort, such a joy
all of his years a wonderful boy.

Unlike his famous namesake, Jesse was loved by all. When young he would play, watch the birds and bask in the Sun. He was such a cut up, full of mischief, vigor & fun. The thing that stands out the sharpest in my mind, was a time when he was 8 years old. I was cooking Pot Roast on the stove; I had dozed off in the chair forgetting all about it, when suddenly a thump on my chest & a meow woke me to a smoke filled kitchen. Jesse did so many memorable things they are hard to recall. He could catch a mouse, play hide & seek, lie down, speak,& retrieve a ball.

Some may think cats are stubborn, finicky & independent to a tee. But they are intelligent,witty, smart, & mean the world to me. Jesse James was 17 when it was time for us to part. But that little striped Tabby will live forever in my heart.

Jesse James May 1988 came into my life, to you Jesse I hope that you are. Running in fields of green, with lots of sunshine on your coat, free of pain & suffering. Doing just what you want to do. Jesse James, my dear sweet boy, I will always Love you. Until we meet again, I miss you do-do. Love,


June 01, 2004


Joanne M Folsom