by Jocelyn de Leon / Jocelyn de Leon copyright 11/26/2002

The Lucky cat who lived on the second floor
Eat, sleep and lie about was the motto
But on sunny days, he would sit on of the loveseat
To bath in the sun’s rays.
He greeted us with a hello “meow”
But on lazy days, he just acknowledged our presence
with a glance our way.
The couch was only built for two but he made sure
we made enough room for three.
He rubbed his cheek against a hand or a leg
for the ritual rub on his head.
We heard a soft purr to let us know his glee.
Iams was what he ate
but begged for roasted chicken or beef with pea pods.
Because he would rather have Friskies senior every day.
Instead of only weekends, as the vet prescribed,
he could only have twice a week.
So every Saturday, he pounced on the bed and
meow out “It’s time for my weekend Friskies treat!”
Lucky left bombs on the rug.
Jump on the kitchen table.
But we would do it all, just to have you greet us again
with a hello “meow”.

We loved you lucky cat who lived on the second floor.


Jocelyn de Leon