by Joey Whitfield / Daddy, Mommy & Lil’ Gizmo Whitfield

Hi everyone,

It’s been almost 2 months (08-07-2005) that Sasha passed.. And my heart still is broken. I cry everyday for her. I feel very empty inside without her in my life. I light a candle for her every night, and I pray for her and for us.. Yet, I still wake up every monring with a lump in my throat.

I can’t even sit in the kitchen at thee table, as Sashi and I use to do every morning. Her lil’sister ~ Gizmo misses her terribly. I take Gizmo almost every where I go since Sashi passed. I just can’t seem
to leave her alone for very long.

I have read support notes/letters and I know what I am felling is normal but the pain is so hard. I try not to be upset when Gizmo is near, but she knows…I have this ache longing to hold her, kiss her belly. I know ~ she’s a dog. But to me, she was/is my baby girl. I want to thank everyone that I’ve been in contact with through memory of pets. You all have been so compassionate, caring and we appreciate it so much.

I have never seen such a beautiful site
with such an awesome memory
of our pets that have passed.
Thank you again.

Heart’s Broken &
Missing Our Precious Baby Girl~ Sasha (Sashi.
Our sugar baby.

God Bless You All,
David, Joey & Gizmo Whitfield
AKA ~ Mommie & Daddy & Lil’ Sister Gizzy


With ~ Love, Hugs, & Kisses,
Joey Whitfield