by John A. White / JA White Copyright 2003

From conception to death,
you heeded your calling.
Many people walk this earth a lifetime,
seeking to find their purpose.
Yours came as natural as your
daily routines.
You gave laughter and love
with a philanthropy not yet matched by
human hearts.
Your walk, with tiny steps,
was a long one on this place.
As time progresses with its unfeeling
March, we knew to prepare for the
natural, inevitable event.
God smiled that day, and gave you an
exit that many desire, but few recieve.
Surrounded by loved ones, your fur tinged by
time’s passage, your fading gaze spoke
chapters, all of love.
You slipped into that eternal rest,
at peace and content with a job well done.
Thank you for all the words unspoken.
Thank you for the place we can go,
Where love never fades
every detail of your face, your body,
your life- all are here.
Your spirit is still felt, and will travel with
us. As you did in life
a brief extension, would not be enough.
A simple touch, would linger too long.
We will meet again.
Until then: good job, well done, and thank you.


John A. White