by John Dolyak / John Dolyak Copyright 2008

The moment you walked into my life I knew it was going to be a fun and loving relationship. The way you woke my up in the middle night if I was having or a nightmare or how you layed next to me when I was ready to quit because you’re my furry sister.

I remembered when we got you you were a little puff ball of white and you up lifted mom so much, and she was very ill. You always stood by her through all up her ups and downs and because of you she got better. My furry sister,
you had this personality about you that made people like you, even though you didn’t always get to the other animals good side….but regardless you were special to all of us especially Mommy.

You made a impact on all our lives, not every animals done that, my furry sister. Mom named you Jazmin because you in her eyes were a princess…you even had a Prince Mickey who loved you very much. You guys were inseparable….and then there was the one cat that didn’t like anyone Candy but she loved you, and for you to earn her love makes you a truly special animal….my furry sister.

My grandfather loved you very much. I remember when he use to take you and pretend to kidnap you, when he passed we were all devastated…but you layed next to us when we cried…my furry sister.

When you got sick once again like when your brother Bingo passed away, I didn’t want to believe it. I kept on trying to think you were going to be ok…I couldn’t loose another furry sibling….but then you took a turn for the worst and Mom like always knew she was sadly was right about when her kids……I remembber being told by Dad. I couldn’t believe it. They had to put you to sleep…at first I was numb then soon after the pain in golfed me… weren’t suppose to go go yet…but I can’t be selfish….you gave us alot of us found amazing memories….I just wish you weren’t gone……
I love you, my furry sister.



John Dolyak