by Judey LaRocca / Judey LaRocca – In Loving Memory of Jessie

The first wave hits with a tremendous force,
So strong you think you’ll die.
There is no refuge from the storm,
And you utter a desperate cry.

The oceans rage, you understand,
Things will never be the same again.
You look to the heavens with tears in your eyes,
And say “Good-Bye” to your faithful friend.

The second wave hits with a force the same,
As the first wave did before.
You hold her close; kiss her one last time,
Whispering “I love you, I’ll never forget you”…
You walk out the door.

The waves continue strong and hard,
Each bringing grief and pain.
Disbelief overwhelms you…
“She’ll never come home again.”

The storm persists with waves of anguish,
Reflections of years gone by.
Questioning yourself about the things you’ve done,
And silently you cry…

You do not remember the good you’ve done,
Rather dwell on the things you didn’t do.
Another wave hits, you fight back the tears,
Engulfed by heartfelt sorrow…
Pain you never knew.

Thoughts of “Why didn’t I…” or “I should’ve done…”
Race throughout your mind,
Shadowing the good memories,
The memories that are left behind.

Each wave continues bringing grief and pain,
Though now they are not quite as strong.
Repeatedly crashing down on your heart,
You pray for them to be gone.

Gradually, the waves do subside,
Yet some still cause pain and despair.
Little by little the good memories emerge,
And you remember the love you shared.

Your heart still aches, the tears still fall,
But the storm is reaching an end.
You can smile now, even laugh,
Bittersweet are the memories of your faithful friend.

The skies are brightening, the sun is appearing,
The ocean is calm once more.
The waves that ravaged your sanity,
Now lap gently, upon the shore.

In the light of the sun, the memories are clear,
You are no longer filled with pain.
Once again you think of your faithful friend,
And smile, when you speak her name.

A rainbow appears above, in the sunlit sky,
Quiet thoughts of her brighten your day.
The sunshine reflects the brilliance of her life,
At last you realize, she lives on in your heart and you will,
Be together again…


Judey LaRocca