by Judy D. / Judy

I have had so many cats and dogs through out my life time, most were strays, feral or rescue, but they all had their own personalities, and yes I cried many tears when each one passed away but I also have to remember God had other plans for these smart loving critters; they are now protecting all the other animals that are homeless and in need of safety and shelter and they do talk to us through their eyes,as we do, our eyes are the passage to our soul. So many memories to help me to go on with my journey to save many more of my beloved critters.

There was miss Ashley,Buddy,Benji,(3)Smokey’s,Brandy, Mai-Tai ,Nyla, Penny, Midnight and Andre'(butter fly) and many, many more. My cat Midnight used to wait for me to come home & one night I was a couple hours late and all the way into the house; she kept meowing as if she was yelling at me for being late (smile). As Bruce Lee’s wife said I don’t want to remember how they died but how they lived. Thanks. Judy


Born to be free,
Judy D.