by June M Swartz / June Swartz, Mommy

My Hermione my baby my companion, you were always there when I needed you wether to cuddle, play with or cry you made my days so special and bright and you filled my heart full of light. I miss your sweet kisses and great big hugs and your big floppy ears I used to rub. Your eyes shined like stars baby when I would throw your frisbee, I loved it when you ran and played I chased you all around. When we napped together miney you kept me very warm I always felt so safe and happy it was my favorite place in the world. Hermione you must know you are much more than my pet, you are my best friend my companion, when I look into your eyes I see love, loyalty, trust, and wisdom. I can`t wait to be with you when my time is up I know you`ll greet me happily with lots of love and hugs. Thank you God for giving me Hermione My True Love!
My Eternal Best Friend Forever, Hermione
Love Mommy


June M Swartz