by Karen Ibosh / Karen Ibosh copyright 2006

My darling zena girl
you are a true pearl.

You were given to me as a gift
a gift from above that will always be a lift.

You lifted my spirits and took away sadness.

you listened to me and loved me unconditionally
You are my best friend and always will be
I can talk to you still, I know you can hear.

I love you more than words can say
and look forward to the day that we can play.

Napoleon misses you so much
he lost his playmate and is at a loss.

Mikayla knows you are in heaven but
does not understand that we can’t just
drive there and pick you up.

I know you are without pain and suffering
and for this I am glad, but my heart
breaks each day and I feel so alone.

I will love you always and you will
always be in my heart because your
love for us was in your heart!

I love you Zena girl and always will
I will always miss you until we meet again.



Karen Ibosh