by Karina Wirch / Karina Wirch Copyright 2006

Dearest Leila,

September 30th 2006, the day was the most difficult day (and even today) for all of us in the family. I know for me that I could not believe and bear to think of losing you. I know that you want us to think of great and happy moments so I thought I would mention the wonderful memories we have shared together.
It was late summer in 1995 when dad had picked you up and carried you to our home in Monroeville, PA. Mom, Ken, and I looked over the window and thought you were already a huge, furry puppy then.

You always loved running around the backyard chasing rabbits, moles, and squirrels – just glad that you didn’t eat them 🙂 ! Mom told me great stories of you going sled riding with Kaya, Ken, and Sean. Everytime I cried or felt sad, you always would come to me and shove a squeaky toy at my face just to cheer me up. You walked so proud but with such light shaking hips and grace kind of way. Funny how you itched and rubbed against the wooden floors with such silly grunts and noise! You loved smelling food as mom cooked. Even better when mom grooms you and how you wanted belly rubs each day. Anything we give to you, you were happy and so pleased.

You have kept our family healthy, active, and strong just by being around. From Pittsburgh, Virginia, to Seattle — everyone knew you and loved you.

Bruiser has been crying and looking for you to play with. It saddens Keith to even mention your name, but we all understand that you are at a better place with other angel dogs in heaven.
We will never forget the wonderful 11.5 years you have shared with us. Until then, we will keep you in our prayers and dreams. We will see you happy wagging your tail, running around, sniffing, and free from all the pain.

We truly miss you very much! You will always have a special place in our hearts and home. We can’t thank you enough for all the great company, love, and memories you have given to each of us.

Love you dearly and Forever in our hearts,
Karina & Mom (Dad, Ken, Keith, Jason, Bruiser)


Karina Wirch