by Katherine Siy / Candice

Wasabi Siy
November 5, 2000 – June 27, 2003
This is a tribute to the bravest dog I know. The day the vet told us that their would be no hope, you lay unconscious from all the pain killers given to you. Determination, is what we had for you. We knew we had to be your voice, when you couldn’t speak. We struggled to find someone who will reach out and help. You were told once that you would die from the car trip from vet to vet, and yet you survived. You were told you would die from the anesthetia, yet you persisted to breathe. You were told you might not survive through surgery, but you fought hard to see your mommy and daddy once more.

A couple of days later you, needed another surgery and still you outlive what was said. You said your goodbyes to all those that loved you, whom you will live through when you passed. Finally the time came when God saw you getting tired from your third suregery. And he did what he thought best. He cradled you in his arms and said come and rest. With his arms cradling you, you gently slipped away. No more pain, no more suffering.

Watch over mommy, for she can’t accept that you are temporarily gone. I know you will be in heaven waiting for the day your mommy will call out your name, together you will cross rainbow bridge as one.

For those who wish to see this brave fighter please give him and his mommy and daddy a prayer through his website message board at


Your loving auntie
Katherine Siy