by Kelly Conner / Author:Kelly Conner 3-1-93
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He never asked for all my love, But gave me all of his. All the good and bad times in my life he willingly had shared.I’ve never had a more devoted friend or, one to be as true. He loved me without measure and brought a multitude of pleasures. He had a way about him that was sure to steal my heart. And then before I knew it; we could not be apart. He was a special blessing when put upon this earth. He always done his very best to show his greatest worth. He was more than just my dearest friend, he’s one who’s love will never end. He has a special place deep, inside my heart and from this place he will never part. He will always be my lifelong friend. I count him as one of my life’s greatest blessings. And I thank God everyday for the gift of him in my life. He was a precious,and priceless gift sent from up above to to bless my life with his special love. And he was a gift I will treasure forever.
I miss you so very much my precious Pearl.


Kelly Conner