by Kimberly Anderson / Dee Lee

Creator of all things, creator of people and pets. Thank you for having entrusted Kim with a loyal pet. Thank you for letting Ernie teach her unselfish love. Thank you for the memories that she can recall to brighten her days for the rest of her life. We know that Thy love is so great that not even a sparrow falls without your knowledge, so we know that you are with Kim today.

Although Ernie, the beloved companion will be missed very much, we give thanks to you for allowing Kim to have many wonderful years with him. Ernie brought sunshine to Kim and was a vital part of her life. His passing has created a void in her heart that cannot be filled.

We do not question the will of You, but ask you to be merciful in her loss. We feel that it is with understanding that you look down on Kim today, when that which was so much loved is gone. As Ernie was unto Kim’s care, so ever loyal, ever faithful, may we resolve that to You we too find strength to be more loyal and faithful. Thank You for this and for all thy blessings! Finally, in gratitude, we return Ernie to You. Amen!


Kimberly Anderson