by Kimberly Rimert / Mama

It has been two years since Torque was put to sleep and a day does not pass that I wonder if I made the right decision. I still miss him so much. On the other hand I feel blessed to have been able to bond with him in the short time I had with him.

I am now appreciative of the outdoors and of the sun and the wind and noises of the wilderness. My two dogs I have now can communicate with me better since I listen more. I am more patient; I am more open to being part of my pack. My husband swears that they know everything I say. I see a lot of Torques actions in my newer dog pita. They are very different from each other but when pita does something that reminds me of Torque I believe that it is Torque letting me know that he is in good hands and will be waiting for me when it is my time. This makes me smile. I love and miss him more than ever but I know he was put here for me. And I had to give him back. Smile…


See You Soon,
Kimberly Rimert