by kris / Jane Doe Copyright 2007

My sweet angel O.J.
What a wonderful cat you were
You had beautiful green eyes
And the cutest, soft purr
All that’s left is sadness in pain
My tears will always fall
Like the heaviest rain
How very sudden and fast you were taken from me
Dear Lord, please bring my angel baby back
to me
This unbearable pain is left with me
Oh, how I love you, my little peewee!
How adorable it was when you always found me
When I sat alone on the couch, you always
found me!
Dear God, protect, watch and love him
Please hold him close until we meet again
What I’d give to hold you in my arms again
Nothing will ever take away this terrible pain
Your orage fur was so soft, lovely and smooth
Your sweet, adorable face looked up at me with
big pleading eyes
I used to hold you like a baby
And never ever expected you to die
My sweet angel baby, you’ll always be in my
For nothing will ever tear us apart
Such a tragedy how you were taken in the end
My heart is shattered in pieces
And will never, ever mend
We have a special bond you and me
Nothing will ever break it, my sweet peewee
I can’t wait to see your adorable face
When God calls for me to that heavenlyy place
I will cry and grieve my sweet angel, O.J.
We’ll reunite at Rainbow Bridge on that
special day!

ALl of my love baby,
Kissies & Lickies!