by Larry & Mary / Your cat parents Larry & Mary

We met you 18 years ago and could not let you go.
All you ever wanted was to be with us, close to
us, within sight of us.
I wanted you with us forever.

You fought so hard, you didn’t want to leave us.
For 18 years I called your name, spoke to you,
loved you. You would follow me and I’d look back
to see you coming, now I look back for you and
you are not there. My heart is broken. I want
so much to touch you again, to kiss you, to
hear you purr, to feel you press
your face against mine.

I miss you so much, little peps, that’s just
Precious! Our Pepis Cat. You will
forever be in our hearts. Til we meet again…..


Our Beloved Precious,
Larry & Mary