by Les Morosi / Les Morosi 2009

I’d give anything if I could turn back time
To that special day when I walked in that store
I didn’t have much but I gathered every dime
Because I somehow felt you were worth much more.

So it’s me, my wife, our daughter, and now you
Had God looked down I’m sure He would’ve smiled
Because deep in my heart I know He knew
That to me you were like another child.

As the years went by and we all grew closer
I loved you more and more with each passing day
How can a dog like you make life so much better
With the joy you bring in your own special way.

But now that final day I dread is here
And with it a pain that tears my heart to pieces
No matter how hard I try to get over you, my dear
With every tear I cry the pain increases.

But I’ll say goodbye for what else can I do
I guess all good things do come to an end
And I’ll pray to God to look after you
Until that day when we can be with you again


Les Morosi