by Lesa Schneider / Mommy

Tanky was a special little girl; she was a black lab beagle mix, solid black with white markings. She was the love of my life. I got Tanky as a gift on 12/21/98 for Christmas that year. She would had been 4 this November 2002. I and Tanky went everywhere together. She loved to ride in a car. She came from the pound but she was the best dog I ever had; she can not be replaced.

Tanky got hit by a truck in front of our house.
She was chasing a squirrel. she hated squirrels. We rushed her to the animal hospital her front paw was cut in to and her back was broke. She was in so much pain. The cries she made in the street that day and in the back seat of my car they still haunt me to this day this all just happened on 09/29/2002.

We had to put her down she was never going to walk again. That was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I just wish we could go back in time and I would had her in the back yard instead of the side yard. My other dog Peaches misses her so much, too. Tanky has taught Peaches a lot. Now at times I watch Peaches and she acts just like Tanky. Peaches has help me get thru this and I thank God for her being a part of my life and I think God for letting Tanky and I have the great years that we had together. Until we meet again oh girl mommy still misses you everyday, But I know you are in good hands.


A Lonely World With Out Tanky
Lesa Schneider