by Lisa / Mommy

My dear, sweet Miss Alley,

You were a stray that wandered up and adopted us. You loved us so deeply and always wanted to be near us. You made us so happy and in the final hours, I hope you understood just how much we loved you. You died in our arms because thats where you wanted to be the most. I looked in your sad eyes, and they told us just how much you were going to miss us. I’ve cried so many tears for you I think I’m going to drown. I put your collar around the angel statue I have on the fireplace where it will forever be. With the angels.

I hope you found Princess and Sasha, they will be your angel friends until I get there. I promised you I would see you again. When I get to heaven, I pray that you, Princess, and Sasha will be waiting for me. I’m just waiting patiently here on Earth until I see you again. Our house will never be the same without you. Its so empty, just like my heart.


I'll Always Remember You,