by Lois and John / Lois and John Copyright 2002

When you look at the stars as they twinkle so bright
you wonder what happens on other dark nights
Our family and friends try to comfort us so
No one can comfort as the pain continues to grow.

Some may say “Hey she was only a dog”
but she was more loyal and
had more love than most people I know.

Do I miss Neissa, you bet I do and
please do not tell me another pet will do.
You can not replace a friend of so many years,
who considered your feelings and
needs above her own.

We miss her and I cry more each day,
I look at places where she used to stay.
The house is now empty,
no barking at the door.
Oh how I would give anything for one second more.

To let her know how much
she means to me and to tell her good- bye and
that everything would be okay.
We did not have the opportunity to bid our goodbyes
her passing was unexpected and quick.

I hope she knew we loved her so and
I hope she understood
we would have done anything
to be there for her.

Good bye Neissa and
remember we love you.


Lois and John