by Lori Santillo / Lori Santillo

My Lovable Lucy
My German Short haired Pointer
You personified so many human traits
Your luminous eyes always saw love
Your tail wagged with all the joy in your heart
You snuggled with me and as my hugs enveloped you
You transcended any sadness I had into joy
The joy of being in your presence
Of having you by our sides all the time
You won our hearts and will dwell there forever
You exemplified patience and loyalty.
Lucy your love cascades from high in the sky
sprinkling us with your canine splendor
You made such an imprint on our lives
And though you are in Rainbow Heaven
We feel your presence here
Your warm breath
And glowing eyes
Your lovely stance
Lucy we miss you, we delight in your memories & love you always
Lucy Ducy Doo-we love you-Mommy & Daddy & Dee


Lori Santillo