by Louann Smith / Me

Sweet Brittany girl!

Thank you for your patience with me as you were my first dog! We both learned a lot! You took such good care of Dakota when he arrived as a puppy. I hope you can take care of him now that you are both at Rainbow Bridge. You were gone before he lost his sight, he has a lot of bird watching to make up for!

I am sorry that I didn’t know about this website when you departed; no doubt it would have helped me a lot! You are remembered often
with love and fondness!

We will meet again someday at Rainbow Bridge but until then, please let Dakota keep at least one of the chew bones!

Touche’s Peppermint Lace,
Whelped 2/21/89,
Departed this Earth 7/21/2000


With much love,
Louann Smith