by Lyn / Mama


It’s so hard to believe that 5 years have gone by since I lost you my beautiful girl. I look at this picture and how small you had gotten in the end my sweet “Feather ” and my heart bleeds for what you must have gone through, but never showed me. But that was just like you, always sparing your Mama her pain. Just sitting there quietly and comfortingly, or bestowing me with your gentle caresses, kissing my tear stained cheeks, through all the hard times, in the way you would. Saying
‘It’s ok, Mama, I’m here.’
You were always there for me,
my strength, right by my side.

My strong, sweet girl to the very end. You were my “miracle girl”. Three times I thoughtI had lost you and would have to say goodbye, and three times you pulled a miracle,
didn’t you girl?

We just weren’t ready to say goodbye yet,
were we?

You gave me those 3 extra years from the time of your first diagnosis with kidney and pancreatic disease. 3 beautiful years. And yet, through your pain, you held yourself as graceful as always, right to the end. How I wish I had held you even more, my precious angel.

I look at Jonesy now, your sister, who is almost the age you were, and see similarities, and my heart is heavy, wondering if she will join you soon, though I pray it won’t yet be so.

I miss you my girl, and all “our “times spent together. I miss your sweet caresses and your Sandpaper kisses. I miss YOU….so, so much.


I will always love you, my Special Girl.