by Lynn and John McMahon / Mommy and Daddy.

My Husband and I loved this guy from the minute his little paws hit the floor running in our home, when he was just a pup, until the day his little heart stopped beating in my arms on a cold January day. The day our hearts broke into pieces. The past 7 1/2 years were the best of our lives, the Love Joey brought into our lives is IMMEASURABLE!!!!! He loved to watch TV and bark at birds and other BIG dogs, and take rides with us in our convertible corvette, we called it Joey’s car, his favorite treat was pepperoni and pea soup. But most of all he was just content to be with us, he liked to sleep on my chest or my pillow, sometimes he would hog the whole thing, he never left my side. We have lost our “baby”, our most dearest treasured friend and companion, BUT, his memory will live forever in our hearts and minds, he will always be a part of our lives.
“Joey, we love you and miss you terribly, but you are with Jesus now and you can “see again”
6/3/2001 – 1/15/2009


Lynn and John McMahon