by Lynn / Lynn

Dear God,

Please forgive me for causing the death of a little bird. I thought I was helping. I didn’t know it was a baby that I should’ve left alone. Please take this little creature to the most special place IN ALL OF Heaven. Please take it to a wonderful place of joy and peace where it can be with other birds – maybe it’s grandmother is there and can meet it there. Please comfort it’s mother, who must be in terrible grief and fear. Please let me see this little bird again when I get to Heaven. Please send the bird where my Ma Maw can know it is there. Please forgive my ignorance. Please comfort me too, even though I do not deserve it – I am so sad and overwhelmed – please help me. Please God, send me a sign that the bird has arrived safely in Heaven. I will be watching for a sign. Please help me to be a better person than I am.