by Marian / Mitzie’s mamma

Mitzie was given to me when she was three and died,in my arms,when she was 11. She was a precious little doll-faced Yorkie and I was absolutely thrilled when she was given to me. We weren’t apart too often. She filled the hole the pain of my life gave me. I loved her so dearly. She slept with me like a teddy bear and could not wit for my husband to finish making his coffee because it meant she could jump in his lap and get her morning “butt scratch”.

She was very smart and self-confident. We took another Yorkie in. He was so abused and was so scared. He was also twice Mitzie’s size. I was worried she would not accept him but she became his little mamma. He was never far from her those first few weeks.

I found my baby one morning, laying on the ground, gasping for air. I rushed her to the vet and was told she had had a heart attack. I had only been awake a half an hour and I hear I’m going to lose my baby. I insisted on staying with her. They did not think it was wise but I refused to leave her. They gave her the shot and she looked at me and licked my cheek,saying good-bye. And then she drifted away.

My hearts was shattered. I could not believe this had happened. I did not have a compassionate vet and she said,”Give her to me. It’s time you go home”. But I wouldn’t let her have her. But they were telling me they were closing and wanted to get home to their families. I yelled at them to leave me alone because I was holding the most precious member of my family. They left the room and I just held her,crying hysterically. I wanted the nightmare to go away.

They finally forced from my arms,showed me the door and locked it behind me,even though it was evident was was in shock and hysterical. No one tried to help me and I had to sit in my car and wait til I could drive.

It’s been a year and a half now. I’m crying now but it’s the first time in a long time. But there is this void I can not fill. I love my other Yorkie but Mitzie and I were connected differently. She was just so special,really. I sometimes can’t believe my baby is gone. I don’t cry in front of my husband because he says it’s time I get over it.

What he could never understand is it will never be over. I will always think of her with tremendous love and I will always
miss her with all my heart.


Love lives on the heart,