by Marina and Petros Sabatacakis / Marina and Petros

Texas came to us from McAllen, Texas, hence his name. Our best friend is from that state as well so we honored her with this name.He was the sweetest dog. Our second Norfolk, he had all the best traits: Loving, spunky, fun, adventurous and full of life. Texas loved to swim; he would jump into the pool, the sea held no fears, he chased squirrels and chipmunks and traveled like an explorer. Everything was great. His kisses were generously given and he made himself beloved by all. The cancer took his leg and yet he hopped and jumped as if nothing had happened. But he couldn’t beat it and he died too soon. A brief life lived fully; we miss him terribly. Best prayers, my little guy, be good and find Humphrey to give him kisses too. We love you.


Be good little boy,
Marina and Petros Sabatacakis