by Mary Ellen Evans / Mary Ellen Evans

My Dearest lil’ K-la, how I love you so
I saw you getting sick and prayed to God
for just one more day…

I prayed for a miracle, I really did
for just one more day…

I know you were hurting my precious girl,
so I prayed to God
For just one more day…

I know you tried my lil’ girl
for each and every
just one more day…

Your tried your best, and so did I
for just that
one more day…

One more day came to pass
and you looked at me with pain and sorrow
in your eyes that seemd to say
it’s time to say good-bye this
one more day…

I took you in my arms baby girl
I cried and held you tight
Yes, it’s time to go my precious one
and this is our last
one more day…

I passed you into Gods loving arms
with pain and sorrow in my heart
and thanked God for all those past
one more days…

I love you K-la forever and always
and thank you for all those
one more days…


Mary Ellen Evans