by Mary Hanks / Mary Hanks Copyright 2006

Sadness is all I feel.
No words could ever explain
The day I let go physically
Will always remain.
The memories we shared
Will never be forgotten.
The joy
The happiness
The love. . .you were my best friend sent to me from above.
It’s true, what they say
About man’s best friend.
You were always there for me and I for you.
We were companions for thirteen wonderful years.
You would never let anything bad happen to me.
You were my guardian.
You were placed here by God for a reason.
That reason was to be my best friend.
Through think and thin
The day finally came
When we had to part
But you will always remain in my heart.

I love and miss you BoBo.
I’ll rest in knowing we will be together forever in the end. . .


Mary Hanks