by Megan Cash / Mommy

To Millie or Millie Cat

My Millie Cat, Mommy remembers when she first saw you. I went to the animal foster home with your aunt to see Buffy (Angel) and Willow (Fawn) but your foster mom thought that Mommy should also see you. She thought I would be the one to give you a forever home. So she brought me to your room where you rubbed up on me and you purred. You then jumped up on the shelf to let me pet your belly and your head.

Your foster mom told me that you were adopted by seven families and brought back to the foster home each time; she said that she did not know why. She told Mommy that you have been there for over seven months and really wanted to go to your forever home. She also told Mommy that you never acted this way to any other families and that you wanted Mommy to be yours and you wanted to go to
your forever home, Mommy’s home.

When Mommy left, I knew that I could not leave you there and that you were going to go home with me to your forever home (Mommy just wished that it was for longer). So when Mommy came to pick up
Buffy and Willow, I said you too.

Millie, Mommy will always remember how you made sure every morning that Milo and Otis knew you missed them when they were night-night. Milo and Otis miss that too. I will miss how you meowed “out” when you wanted to go outside with the boys and later after the accident when you were separated from everyone. Mommy knows that you were hit by a car on 10/25/2004 but Mommy thought you were going to be okay. Mommy thought that you were going to live years to come. But on 12/29/2004, Mommy had to make a very hard decision but I knew
you were ready to cross the bridge.

Mommy knows that you were hanging on till Mommy was ready for you to cross the rainbow bridge. Remember Millie, we will be together again someday but until then Mommy loves you and misses you every day. You were my Millie Cat, my Mill Hill.
Till we meet again.


Love and Miss You Always,
Megan Cash