by Melissa / Melissa L copyright 2006

It wasn’t long ago I could see,
the beautiful face of the german shepherd puppy.
I can feel you here, but I’m trying not to be sad my dear.

It was not long ago by the car you were hit,
I’ll never forget you not one little bit.
I feel the love and joy you bring and
miss your bark that made my ears ring.

Sometimes I feel you lick my face,
and in my heart you have a very special place.
I love and miss your very sweet kiss.
I miss the brown eyes that kept me warm
and seeing your face flash
in the window from the thunder storm.

I miss your black fur; I miss your black nose,
and I loved when you chewd holes
in that garden hose.
When you run pass only
I can see the bending grass.

I dream of you sleeping in my bed and rubbing
your beautiful soft black head.
You couldn’t sleep with me you never could,
you had to sleep
in your dog house made of wood.

I dreamed of swimming with you in the canal;
you were my best friend
you were my best pal.
I loved that soft tan,
one day I’ll try to be with you if I can.

I will never forget the games
we played all those sweet memories
will never fade.
Don’t be sad when
I get a new dog its just to help me
from the fog.

There is nothing else in the world
that can replace you,
because all of love you gave was true.

This was the first time I lost a faithful pet, and I will never forget
the day we met.
Now there is nothing else to say or
do except,
Montana I miss and love you.