by Melissa & Tom Trala / Mommy, Daddy, and Gianna

Our dog, our little girl, Noel, passed away today. My husband, Tom, had her since she was one year old. I came into her life when she was six. She was almost 14 years old and had a bad heart. She was everything to us and I cannot imagine a day without her. She was our best friend. So regal and beautiful. She was a black and white mutt – a bit of Brittany, a bit of beagle. She had the most soulful eyes, full of love and trust. She loved the parks and the beach and eggs and pizza – even though she wasn’t supposed to have those foods. Noel was amazing – so resiliant. We had our first baby almost five months ago and Noel accepted her and loved her immediately. Our hearts are broken. We will miss her forever. God bless her.


We love you, pupper-doodles,
Melissa & Tom Trala